Dear friends!

From today, the auto service of the "Stuttgart" chain of stores began to operate.

In our service, located in the Koroglu branch of the Bravo hypermarket, you can use:
tire repair, balancing, oil change, constant replacement of spare parts and other services.

In the "Stuttgart" store next to the service
make your job easier by taking advantage.


Address: Bravo Koroglu, underground parking shop

Contact: 0772334344

Dear friends!

All auto parts in the network of stores Stuttgart up to 18 months on credit!

This service is available in all Stuttgart branches.

Note that no down payment with ID

You can get all auto parts on credit

Dear friends!

Do not save on quality!

Buy everything for your car in "Stuttgart" and get cashback with 2% Umico bonuses!

Your car deserves the best!

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